Akaki & Walker – Kintsugi Supermarket

1. KINTSUGI SUPERMARKET, Nampei Akaki and Henry JocKWalker

Kintsugi Supermarket, let’s make mistakes, an interactive studio, installation and performance lead by Nampei Akaki (Jap) and Henry Jock Walker (Aus).

Kintsugi Supermarket is Australia’s first born and bred Australian Japanese fusion repurposed art, discount department store. The first store was open on the outskirts of Melbourne, in Newport at The Substation in Victoria in early 2020.

Kintsugi Supermarket employs interactive audience engagement to build unique products, using recycled art and materials from a wide variety of Australian and Japanese artists.

Guest artists are dynamic, creative, passionate, humble and relentless in their pursuit of art making in Australia, Japan and beyond. From women’s, men’s and children’s wear to fresh fruit and veg, wall art, furniture, and folklore, Kintsugi Supermarket is a popular one-stop-shop for customers looking for a creative supermarket product creation and or consumption experience.

Image: Henry Jock Walker and Nampei Akaki