Roslyn Oades & Collaborators


The Nightline Tour Kit FINAL3. - Joshua Morris

Sage Arts will be working with Roslyn Oades & Collaborators on The Nightline in 2020 and 2021.


Step into an exclusive underground eavesdropping club designed for insomniacs, night owls, lonelyhearts, and dreamers…
The Nightline is an audio portrait of the night inspired by locally-sourced anonymous phone calls, left between the hours of midnight and 6am. Visitors to The Nightline are led into a mysterious late-night club, which promises companionship to the sleepless and rest to the restless. Inside they encounter a dimly lit room full of lonely tables, each equipped with a modified rotary-dial telephone and personal switchboard. The phones ring, inviting visitors to pick up and listen in. Like a cabinet of curiosities, guests are encouraged to curate their own listening experience by plugging freely between eight
channels of content provided on their switchboards. As the work progresses the phone connections begin to deteriorate. The levels of phone interference continue to increase until the audio experience spills out to include an immersive surround-sound system. The room itself becomes activated, a haunting of sorts, as though the act of listening in has conjured up an electrical storm, and fragments of an epic dream-like shared-story from the city at night emerges.

At the heart of The Nightline is a creative partnership between director Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott, in what is their fifth audio-based documentary theatre collaboration. In the spirit of creative non-fiction, The Nightline sees them recompose from reality to conjure up an unsettling journey through the night and a temporary community of sorts – made up of those still awake after midnight. The work draws on field recordings, phone messages, original composition and site responsive design

Director: Roslyn Oades
Sound Artist: Bob Scott
Lighting Design & Coding: Fausto Brusamolino
Site Design: Clare Britton
Performer/Collaborator: Katia Molino
Phone-switchboard design: Greg Cameron (Amandala Music Technologies)

Roslyn Oades





Image: The Nightline 2018, photo Joshua Morris