Gail Priest

gailpriest_photo Dimitri Djuric_courtesy_Kammer_Klang

Michaela Coventry has worked with Gail Priest for many years and Sage Arts now produces her major projects including  A continuous self-vibrating region of intensities with Thomas Burless.


Gail Priest is a Katoomba/Sydney-based artist whose practice explores the aural realm. Working across installation, composition, recording and performance she is interested in creating works that dwell in a liminal zone between figuration and abstraction. She has performed her live compositions and exhibited sound-based installations nationally and internationally including in Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Norway and the Netherlands. She also curates events and exhibitions and writes fictively and factually about sound and media art.

Image: Gail Priest, Kammer Klang 2015, photo Dimitri Djuric